Friends of Students for 60,000    Providing adults with meaningful opportunities to assist the poor.

Who We Are

Founded in 2006 by Peter White, the group works on projects in Northport and throughout Long Island and builds partnerships in Nicaragua, continuing and complementing the decades of hands-on work done by Peter's former Northport High School group, Students for 60,000, which he advised until his retirement. 

Projects range from building homes, supporting education, and creating potable water systems in Nicaragua to helping the needy locally through housing and nutritional support, establishing community gardens, working with laborers and the homeless, and much more. Friends is unique in that it enables people to volunteer and put their real-life skills to use. From college students to senior citizens, we welcome you to join us as we walk hand in hand with the poor, providing the resources they need to break the vicious cycles of poverty.



UPCOMING TRIPS -- Additional Nicaragua trips for July 2016 and late January 2017 are in the works, with the exciting possibility of including new groups of Long Island teachers and local church congregations!   

JOIN US - for more information, contact Pete White.  Or...make a donation!

WINTER IN NICARAGUA:  Congratulations to Pete White and Friends' members on another successful ADULT WORKING TRIP to Nicaragua, December 1 - 8, 2015... New homes were built and many desperately-needed home repairs accomplished in Nuevo; progress continues on the "Parque Hermana Juanita" the recreational park and sports field for the youth of the community; fruitful meetings were held with the community on their needs and other potential projects in both Chacraseca and Nuevo Amanecer.  A special welcome to the many new travelers who worked so hard while discovering the warmth and gratitude of the Nicaraguan people!

-- Couldn't go this time?  Please consider sending a donation to our projects on your behalf.  See the paypal link or send a check to Pete White made out to FSF60K.  All donations fully tax-deductible.  Remember, the need is great and ongoing...



APPLICATIONS CONTINUE FOR NEW GRANTS TO HELP THE POOR:  Pete White and Friends have new applications in the works, for housing grants from the terrific SG Foundation as well as for a grant from Major League Baseball to assist in finishing the "Parque Hermana Juanita" sport and recreational project for the youth of Chacraseca.  Any ideas? or to get involved - contact Pete White,

JUNE 2015 TRIP TO NICARAGUA :   Pete White and Friends led another successful adult working trip to Chacraseca and Nuevo Amanecer this past summer.  Homes were built, repairs on older constructions planned and begun, and the "Field of Dreams" youth recreational project is coming along nicely!   New and former travellers met and worked side by side in an inspiring, life-changing experience on behalf of the poor of Nicaragua.

A CHALLENGE MET!! Thanks to all of you working together!
 Great news -- Once again, Friends has met the challenge of the California-based SG Foundation, raising money to build more houses in an impoverished community in Nicaragua. The SC Foundation will match the entire sum of $12,000 which has been raised by Friends  ( The combined $24,000 will be used to build at least eight homes, homes that are desperately needed by families whose income is typically a couple of dollars a day. Their homes, which the families will help to pay for, will be made of brick or cement block, unlike the typical shack made of discarded wood, plastic and cardboard. (For a look at life in Chacraseca, search “students for 60,000” on Youtube or see our link down the page.) “The good thing about this fundraising initiative is that we raised the whole sum the old fashioned way, one donor at a time,” said Peter White, founder and co-director.  The SC Foundation previously has made matching grants to Friends of $6,000 and $10,000. For further information, contact Peter White at  

And...if you didn't have a chance to donate, please remember that THE NEED CONTINUES.  See the donation information later on the website.  All donations go 100% to projects and are tax-deductible!

ENJOY A VIDEO OF A NICA trip - see old friends and relive/share the experience, thanks to Friends' co-founder Dick Wiltamuth!


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JOIN US! Additional Nicaragua trips for July 2016 and late January 2017 are in the works, with the exciting possibility of including new groups of Long Island teachers and local church congregations!    For more information, contact Pete White.

Our latest ADULT WORKING TRIP to Nicaragua with Friends and Pete White took place very successfully December 1 – 8, 2015.  Many first-time participants experienced  home-building and repairs, progress on the recreational “Field of Dreams,” and other projects in both … Continue reading

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